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The challenge
Collecting news and information in the Google and Wiki world in which we live is a snap. It’s finding information that’s reliable and relevant ... and finding it fast ... that’s the challenge.

Do you find you’re spending too much time just sorting through the flood of news and information that comes your way? Even when you’ve finally found the item you’re looking for, are you sure the information is still accurate? Can you afford to make decisions based on news that’s incomplete, out of date ... or just plain wrong?

The solution lets you keep tabs on current events, facts and figures so the choices you make are truly well-informed. It’s a powerful search tool that accesses the news you need to know ... any time you need it. Among other things, you can:

  • Perform targeted searches in over 5 000 recognized news sources
  • Access quality content in a variety of genres (articles, biographies, features) from local, national or international news sources
  • Automate a real-time search for an important news issue that you need to document
  • Receive an email notice every time a new article appears on a topic that interests you

We have a solution that’s tailored to meet your news and information needs.

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