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The challenge
Today’s communications tools paint themselves in such glowing colours ... advanced, sophisticated, efficient. So how come we still miss crucial news and information? Why do we waste huge amounts of time fiddling with redundant or totally irrelevant documents?

As you know, it can be a real challenge to assemble strategic news and information on a tight timeframe and distribute it to your organization’s key players — especially in a world that’s on full-time information overload! Yet not having information can have very serious consequences: loss of credibility, bad decisions, poor team morale ... and more.

The solution is a powerful search tool that gives you access to quality news and current information any time you need it. Once our solution is implemented in your organization, you can classify information, comment on it and share it more efficiently than ever before. You decide who gets what information … and when. You and your colleagues can also:

  • Perform targeted searches in over 5 000 recognized information sources
  • Access quality content in a variety of genres (articles, biographies, documents and records) from local, national or international sources
  • Automate a real-time search for an issue you need to document, so that no critical information escapes undetected
  • Receive an email notice every time a new article appears on a topic that interests you
  • Share news media content with all your colleagues with peace of mind guaranteed (we negotiate licenses directly with our partners in news publishing)

Break the communications bottleneck and get the strategic information you need flowing clear and fast with for organization.

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