Keep up to the minute on market and business opportunities

The challenge
When it comes time to detect market trends or to get the jump on the competition, you need information that’s solid, reliable and up-to-date. That’s provided, of course, that you have the time to go fishing for news!

Cast out into a sea of information, strategic and relevant news is not easily caught – all the more so since it’s distributed almost instantaneously. Given this situation, how can you ensure that no important information escapes your net?

The solution is a powerful search tool that allows you to uncover the right information at the right time. Since your strategic news monitoring alerts can be automated, no information will ever slip through your fingers again. What’s more, you can seize business opportunities through the following actions:

  • Perform targeted searches in more than 3 000 recognized news sources ;
  • Access quality content in a variety of genres (articles, biographies, features) from local, national and international news sources
  • Set up strategic news monitoring alerts for industries, customers, competitors or any other subject that you want to monitor closely
  • Create personalized folders where stores your information
  • Receive an email notice every time a new article appears on a topic that interests you

We have a solution that’s tailored to meet your news and information needs.

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