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The challenge
When it comes time to do an in-depth study, a presentation or a comparative analysis, we dedicate up to 35% of our time on research – an enormous percentage, since almost half that time does not yield useful results!

Such time sinks can add up within an organization. Combined with a lack of relevance, too much information results in lost time and wasted effort – not to mention that unreliable sources can lead to unfortunate errors.

The solution allows you to quickly find the right information, whether it’s current or archived. Thanks to this powerful tool, you can conduct targeted searches by combining keywords, by restricting your results to particular publication dates and by selecting specific sources. You’ll never have to waste your time editing dubious sources; at last, you can devote your efforts exclusively to analyzing specific information and to completing your projects. To get the most from, you can:

  • Easily access complete, original articles from more than 3 000 recognized sources
  • Create personalized folders in which the information you have searched for can be deposited
  • Access quality content in a variety of formats (articles, biographies, backgrounders, fact sheets) from local, national and international sources
  • Set up a real-time strategic news alert to gather information for an important project
  • Receive an email notice whenever a new article matching your research criteria is published

We have a solution that’s tailored to meet your information needs.

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