Create a strategic alert to monitor the news

The challenge
There’s no need for a crystal ball to stay informed or predict the future! You need to pay attention to trends, understand your customers’ changing needs and anticipate the strategies of your competition.

In order to do that, it’s essential to have access to information that’s relevant, reliable and useful … in other words, a continuous monitoring service.

The solution is a powerful search and management tool that let’s you find the right information when you need it. Since your strategic news monitoring alerts can be automated, no information will ever slip through your fingers again. If you want to be plugged into what’s happening and benefit from a proactive approach to news, you can:

  • Set up alerts for different industries, clients, competitors or any other subject you’re following closely
  • Create personalized folders in which your target information will be deposited ( for organization even lets you share these folders)
  • Be advised by email as soon as an article appears matching your subject matter
  • Perform targeted searches from among more than 3 000 recognized sources
  • Access quality content

We have a solution that’s tailored to meet your strategic media monitoring needs.

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