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The challenge
Information is more widely scattered than ever before — so much so that organizations need to employ a variety of methods for its collection. What would you say to a single tool that can locate all the information you need? Even better, to one solution that can be customized to your needs by combining the sources that you select?

The solution
Whether your sources include internal content, newspapers, magazines or the Internet, their integration with for organization is a snap. What you get is the ability to perform targeted searches among more than 3 000 recognized sources, in addition to those you’ve already included! Thanks to this user—friendly search and management tool, you can also:

  • Access quality content from local, national and international sources
  • Benefit from a vast selection of newspapers, trade publications, databases (company histories and profiles), wire services, radio and television program transcripts, etc.
  • Create folders in which your targeted information will be deposited
  • Automate a real-time strategic alert for any file you need to monitor closely
  • Be advised via email every time a new article matching your search criteria is published.

We have a solution that’s tailored to your information management needs.

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