Legally distribute all the copyrighted material I need

The challenge
In a time when information circulates at a dizzying pace, the respect for intellectual property is a great challenge for organizations. Your decision to examine, share or publish content also entails the requirement that all associated copyrights have been released.

The solution
Every article you find using carries the Publi © seal: an electronic certificate that certifies compliance with all appropriate copyright laws. Not only will this allow you to share our news content with peace of mind, but you can also do the following:

  • Quickly locate the articles for which you must pay the rights, thanks to our powerful search tools
  • Acquire the necessary rights for a limited period and a specific number of readers
  • Legally publish articles on your site to properly inform your audience
  • Access quality content in a variety of formats (articles, biographies, backgrounders, fact sheets) from local, national and international sources

To share information efficiently and to enrich your site without the legal worries.

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