for organization

This solution meets the news and business information needs of organizations of any size. Its main objective is to help organizations make informed decisions by providing relevant information to the right people at the right time. for organization is the right solution for people who need to share or monitor information in order to make the best use of it. Whether you’re a librarian, analyst, webmaster or senior executive working in the field of communications, marketing or public relations, lets you find, organize and publish strategic information effectively.

Three good reasons to choose for organization!

Information sharing

  • Create folders for articles you’ve retrieved – every user can create their own folders
  • Share folders between colleagues to allow the effective circulation of information
  • Create media reviews for sharing with partners
  • Make annotations and comments on shared articles


  • Simple interface that works with a standard Web browser
  • No installation required, no software to purchase
  • Accounts adapted to user needs according to level of expertise or consumption
  • Full online help and suggestions of related terms to guide the user’s search

Peace of mind

  • Certified content, from recognized, reliable sources
  • Copyright solution that includes transparent payment of copyright fees to publishers
  • Reliable, high-performance tool, always accessible and based on the latest technology
  • Qualified technical team to keep the service running smoothly

Thanks to our fast and easy-to-use technology, allows communities of users to get the maximum benefit from the information they generate.

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